First Light


The present sanctuary was dedicated in 1887 after being located in three other locations around downtown Macon.  The Sanctuary contains many interested Christian symbols to enhance our worship.  Among them: the presence of the trefoil (a symbol of the Trinity); the presence of the quatrefoil (a traditional Christian symbol of 4 overlapping circles); a beautiful stained-glass rose window; and 12 beautiful stained glass windows depicting the life of Jesus.  Also of architectural note, the inside of the sanctuary roof is shaped like an upside-down ship’s hull, using the traditional Christian symbol of a boat to reflect that safety and sanctuary can be found in this holy space. 

Beneath the sanctuary is the Great Room, a smaller gathering place and home to the Faithful Followers Sunday School Department. It was christened “The Great Room” in 2004, after a renovation, in appreciation of “The Greatest Generation,” the older members of FBC who given their time, resources, and talents through the years to make FBC a place of worship, discipleship, missions and fellowship.

Connected to the Sanctuary building is the Administration Building where the minister’s offices, church library, and music suite are located on the first floor. Beneath the administrative offices, lies the Fellowship Hall. This is our main locale for Wednesday Family Night Suppers, church banquets, large group gatherings and even wedding receptions. It was beautifully renovated in 2006. 

Connected to the Administration Building is the High Street Educational Building. This building houses the church nursery, children’s and adult Sunday school classes. The bottom floor of the High Street building houses our “Crisis Closet.” The Crisis Closet makes food and clothing available twice a month and at the holidays for our neighbors in need.

Connected to the High Street Building is the Washington Avenue Building.  The Washington Avenue Building is home to “Koinonia Corner” – our children’s center – on the third floor and the “Youth Center” on the second floor. Also, adult Sunday School classes are located on its bottom floor.