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We’re proud of our Baptist history and heritage, but we’re also proud of our diversity. At First Baptist you will find a group of people coming from a variety of different church backgrounds and denominations who have found a home at the “top of Poplar.” And while our congregation comes from all over middle Georgia, we are a downtown church and see it is our mission to be the presence of Christ to our InTown and College Hill communities here in Macon.

Being Baptist

I’ve been asked more than a few times over the last couple of years to offer a Wednesday night study on what it means to be Baptist.

Well, we pastors are eager to please (sometimes too much…more on that in a later post TBD…), so I’m excited to report we’ll be doing just that over the Wednesdays in April.

On April 4 we’ll begin a four-part study on “Being Baptist,” using our own Buddy Shurden’s classic little volume, The Baptist Identity: Four Fragile Freedoms, as our guide. We’ll have a few copies of the book for purchase for $12 at the church office, or you can follow the link and find it on Amazon. Reading along in the book isn’t necessary but may help provide some context and will be well worth your time.

I’m also happy to announce we’ll have some prominent, local Baptist scholars to lead these studies (one of whom is intimately familiar with this book). Rick Wilson will guide us through the first three weeks, and Buddy will lead us the final week. 

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Children's Sunday and the Kingdom of God

It seems everyone I’ve talked to this week who was in worship on Sunday has been riding the same spiritual high. Myself included.

Children’s Sunday is always a special time of worship. Our children never fail to impress and inspire with their poise, gifts, and depth of spirit. This Sunday has become even more poignant for me these last few years when we’ve chosen to celebrate it during the season of Lent.

At first we tried to avoid this, thinking the somber tone of the season might not fit with the buoyancy of Children’s Sunday. But last year we just decided to lean into it. We celebrated Children’s Sunday on the First Sunday of Lent, and as the service progressed, it became clear we’d stumbled onto something profound.

Who better than children to lead us in the work of retuning our hearts, reorienting our lives, and reforming our imaginations, which in the end is the work of this season of preparation for Easter and the miracle and mystery of resurrection?

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FBCX and CBF, Part III: A Unique Approach to Missions

Before a brief hiatus last week, I’d been using this space to lift up different parts of our relationship with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Our missions giving this Lent (be sure to grab an envelope from the hallway or make an offering online) provides a great opportunity to talk about CBF’s approach to missions.

Missions have been at the heart of CBF since it’s founding just over 25 years ago. Coming out of the SBC, congregations were eager to cooperate around a fresh approach to global and local missions. In fact, CBF churches are united by our shared approach to missions as much as anything.

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Disruptive Rhythms

We'll take a break from CBF this week to reflect on the start of this season of Lent we've just begun.

Over the past week I’ve been reflecting on the first entry in the Lenten devotional we’re using this year, which pairs scripture with the poetry of Mary Oliver (copies are still available at the church) It paired a traditional Ash Wednesday scripture from the Sermon on the Mount with a poem entitled, Storage.

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FBCX and CBF, Part II: The Illumination Project Report

Last week I began a series of posts on our congregation’s relationship with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. CBF has been our primary partner for missions and identity for close to 20 years.

I also noted that CBF is at a crossroads. This past Friday, the Illumination Project Committee, an initiative commissioned 18 months ago to “explore how Cooperative Baptists can strengthen their unity in the face of different beliefs and practices in matters of human sexuality,” released its report. The response has been charged, to say the least.

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FBCX and CBF, Part I: The Illumination Project

We were honored to have Suzii Paynter with us this week to celebrate Baptist Heritage Sunday. Suzii is Executive Coordinator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, our primary partner in missions and Baptist identity. I thought I would take her visit as invitation to spend the next few weeks using this column to lift our church’s relationship with CBF and address current conversations within the Fellowship.

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Why Celebrate Being Baptist?

For the past several years, on the first Sunday in February we’ve celebrated Founders’ Day here at the church; remembering our church’s beginnings and long history, and giving thanks to God for blessing of this place and the people who have called it their church through the generations.

But this year we enter into a new practice of celebration on this first Sunday in February.

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The Fullness of Life

No where else is the fullness of life more embraced, honored, and celebrated than the local church. This will be especially true for our congregation this weekend.

On Saturday at 1:00 p.m., we will host the funeral service for Ida Ford, our church custodian who was tragically killed last week. We will be working in tandem with Mt. Vernon Baptist Church, where Ida was once a member. Rev. Henry Ficklin is pastor there and he and his choir and musicians will lead the service in our space. We will then host a reception in the fellowship hall immediately following the service.

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